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Published biannually, AJS Perspectives is the leading forum for exploring methodological and pedagogical issues in Jewish Studies.  Subscription is a benefit of AJS membership; institutional subscriptions are also available.



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Jonathan Hess (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Laura Lieber (Duke University)

Editorial Board:
Allan Arkush (Binghamton University)
Carol Bakhos (University of California, Los Angeles)
Orit Bashkin (University of Chicago)
Sarah Benor (Hebrew Union College-Los Angeles)
Michael Brenner (University of Munich)
Nathaniel Deutsch (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Todd Hasak-Lowy (University of Florida)
Ari Kelman (University of California, Davis)
Heidi Lerner (Stanford University)
Laura Levitt (Temple University)
Meira Polliack (Tel Aviv University)
Riv-Ellen Prell (University of Minnesota)
Jonathan Schorsch (Columbia University)
David Shneer (University of Colorado)
Dina Stein (Univeristy of Haifa)
Nadia Valman (Queen Mary University of London)
Yael Zerubavel (Rutgers University)

Managing Editor:
Karin Kugel


Past Issues

Articles from Spring 2010 through present available on AJS Perspectives Online.

Click the links below to view PDFs of past print issues:

Fall 2015: The Translation Issue
Spring 2015: The Anxiety Issue
Fall 2014: The People's Issue
Spring 2014: The Land Issue
Fall 2013: The Labor Issue
Spring 2013: The Marriage Issue
Fall 2012: The Apocalypse Issue
Spring 2012: The Muslim Issue
Fall 2011: The Religious Issue
Spring 2011: The Secular Issue
Fall 2010: The Iran Iraq Issue
Spring 2010: The Museum Issue
Fall 2009: "It's the Economy, Shmendrick": A New Turn in Jewish Studies?
Spring 2009: Martyrdom through the Ages
Fall 2008: Traversing the World of Jewish Studies
Spring 2008: Orthodoxy Then and Now
Fall 2007: The Jewish Race?
Spring 2007: Jewish Autobiography and Biography
Fall 2006: Jewish Political Studies
Spring 2006: Forum on the Jewish Studies Undergraduate Major
Fall 2005: Empire in Jewish Studies
Spring 2005: Middle Eastern and Sephardic Studies
Fall 2004: Lost in Translation? How to Teach Translated Texts
Spring 2004: German-Jewish Studies
Fall 2003: Jewish Studies as an Interdisciplinary Project


Back issues of AJS Perspectives, from 1972-1995, are available on the Berman Jewish Policy Archive.

More recent issues of AJS Perspectives, from 1999-present, are also available on the Berman Jewish Policy Archive.