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Title: ISRLC-panel on Judaism, human vulnerability, and super-, sub-, trans-, and posthuman identities
Location: Leuven,
Date(s) of Event: 9/18/2014 - 9/20/2014
Deadline for Submission: 4/30/2014
Various Jewish thinkers have described the human being as vulnerable, considering human vulnerability a platform of hope for humanity. This panel calls for papers that attempt to characterize and explain Jewish perspectives on human vulnerability and its consequences for Jewish religion. The panel also invites papers on identities in the Hebrew Bible, rabbinic literature, and later Jewish religious texts, websites, rituals, and other performances that transcend what is intelligible as human. How do such portrayals of super-, sub-, trans-, and post-human identities in Jewish tradition transcend, contribute to and challenge our visions of what it means to be human?

For further information, please contact:
Associate Professor in Jewish Studies, Marianne Schleicher at
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