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Perspectives on Technology
Heidi Lerner's Column in AJS Perspectives

Heidi Lerner, Hebraica/Judaica cataloguer at Stanford University Libraries, writes "Perspectives on Technology," a Perspectives column on technology-based resources related to teaching and research in Jewish Studies

The AJS is pleased to make available her past columns, with links to relevant resources:

Summary of links to resources from all past columns


Spring 2011: Jewish Studies "Born Digital"

Born-Digital E-books, Online Journals, Geographic Tools, Born-Digital Literature and the Arts, Web2, Born-Digital Information Management

Fall 2010: Online Resources for Talmud Research, Study, and Teaching

Full Texts, Manuscripts, Websites and Tools, Dictionaries, Blogs, Daf Yomi, New Directions

Fall 2009: Online Resources for Jewish Economics

North America: Data Archives/Statistical Information, Resources on Nonprofits; Israel Statistical, Economic, and Demographic Data; Jewish Law and Secular Life

Spring 2009: Scholarly Communication in the Twenty-first Century: A Changing Landscape

Open Access and Institutional Repositories; Blogs; Open Access Textbooks; E-Books

Fall 2008: New Tools for Jewish Linguistics

Annotated Corpora; Unannotated Corpora; Dictionaries; Audio and Sound Collections; Tools for the Twenty-first Century

Spring 2008: Researching Orthodox Judaism Online

Orthodox Judaism and the Media; Organizational Websites; Communication within Orthodox and Haredi Communities

Fall 2007: Web-Based Learning and Teaching Resources for Jewish Studies

Review of sites that offer Jewish Studies teaching resources

Spring 2007: Internet Resources for Jewish Biography and Autobiography

Directories, Biographical Dictionaries, and Encyclopedias; Websites and Portals; Primary Sources: Digital Collections of Primary Sources, Finding Aids, Databases and Websites, Online Diaries and Weblogs

Fall 2006: Jewish Political Studies on the Internet

Gateways; Listservs and Discussion Lists; Think Tanks and Research Organizations; Multimedia (Sound and Visuals); Full-text Databases, Journals, and Books; Statistical Data; What's New?

Spring 2006: Sharing Knowledge: Recent Trends in Search and Delivery Tools for Scholarly Content

Open Content Repositories; Search Engines; Weblogs and News Services; RSS Technology

Spring 2005: Treasure Hunting for New Judaic Resources on the World Wide Web

Digital Resources on Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews; Federated Searching; Subject Portals; Open Archives Initiative (OAI)

Fall 2004: Electronic Books in the Academic World and the Implications for Jewish Studies

Review of sites that offer digitized materials and "e-books"

Spring 2004: Hebrew in Bits and Bytes: An Introduction to Coding and Formatting of Hebrew Electronic Resources

ASCII versus Unicode; Hebrew and MS Windows; Hebraica Resources; Definitions; Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2003: Historic Jewish Periodicals/Newspapers and the Web

Review of digitized and scanned publications available online