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Film Screenings

AJS 46th Annual Conference
December 14-16, 2014 • Baltimore, Maryland
Hilton Baltimore

Dec 14, 9:15 pm: Ida

Dec 15, 7 pm: When Comedy Went to School

Dec 15, 9 pm: Dancing in Jaffa


(2013, 82 min, Poland, Denmark, France, UK; Polish w/English subtitles)
Director – Pawel Pawlikowski

Dec 14, 9:15 pm
Introduced by Sara Horowitz, York University

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Poland, 1962. Anna is a novice, an orphan brought up by nuns in the convent. Before she takes her vows, she is required to see Wanda, her only living relative. Wanda reveals that Anna was born Jewish. The women embark on a journey together, not only to uncover their family’s wartime history, but to ponder their own sense of belonging. They question their beliefs, their religions, their lives. Both are trying to go on living but only one of them can.

Distributor: Music Box Films
DVD and streaming is available on Amazon
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(2013, 77 min, USA; English)
Directors – Mevlut Akkaya, Ron Frank

Dec 15, 7 pm
Introduced by Josh Lambert, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

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Why are there so many Jewish comedians? When Comedy Went to School answers this question with an entertaining portrait of this country’s greatest generation of comics—including Jerry Lewis, Sid Caesar, Jackie Mason, Mort Sahl, and Jerry Stiller—all of whom appear in the film, sharing hilarious yarns as well as personal stories.

The answer is also found in upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains, aka the Borscht Belt, which provided the setting for a remarkable group of young Jewish-American comedians to hone their craft and become worldwide legends.

Distributor: First Run Features
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(2013, 90 min, USA; Hebrew, Arabic, English w/English subtitles)
Director – Hilla Medalia

Dec 15, 9 pm
Introduced by Dalit Katz, Wesleyan University

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Pierre Dulaine, four-time world champion ballroom dancer, is fulfilling a life-long dream when he takes his program, Dancing Classrooms, back to Jaffa, the city of his birth. Over a ten-week period, Pierre teaches Jewish and Palestinian Israeli children to dance and compete together. The film explores the complex stories of three children, all of whom who are forced to confront issues of identity, segregation, and racial prejudice as they dance with their enemy. We watch Pierre transform their lives, confirming his belief that dance can overcome hatred and provide the first steps towards real change.

Distributor: IFC Films
DVD and streaming is available on Amazon
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