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This registry contains information regarding doctoral research being conducted by Ph.D. candidates in Jewish Studies. Graduate students whose proposals have been approved by their institutions are encouraged to submit information about their projects.

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Author Title Headings
Atlas, Dustin The Jewish German Roots of the In-Between: Martin Buber and Moses Mendelssohn's philosophy of art, violence, and otherness
  1. Jewish philosophy.
  2. Aesthetics, German.
  3. Buber, Martin, 1878-1965.
  4. Mendelssohn, Moses, 1729-1786.
Christmas, Danielle Auschwitz and the Plantation: Labor and Social Death in American Holocaust and Slavery Fiction
  1. Styron, William
  2. Levin, Ira
  3. Reed, Ishmael
  4. Patterson, Orlando
Fiedler, Marcia A case study of college students' perspectives of prejudice based on Holocaust and Genocide education
  1. ethics
  2. holocaust
  3. higher education
Furman, Joshua 'Jew and American in the Making': Approaches to Education and Childrearing in the American Jewish Community, 1945-1967
  1. Jewish religious education of children -- United States
  2. Families -- Religious life (Judaism) -- Periodicals
  3. Jews -- juvenile literature
Goldfine, Daniela Intergenerational Memory and Diasporic Identities: Jewish Argentinean Cultural Production in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
  1. Jewish Latin America
  2. Argentina
  3. Memory in literature
  4. Jewish diaspora
Oser, Asher From Here to the Whole World: The Popular Success of the "Ozar Yisrael," America's Hebrew Encyclopedia
  1. Jews --Encyclopedias.
  2. Jews --United States --History.
  3. Communication in learning and scholarship --United States --History.
  4. Jews --History --1789-1945.
Piudik, Jaclyn Hybridity in the Fourteenth-Century Esther Poems of Israel Caslari
  1. Medieval literature and culture
  2. Medieval texts and studies
Rabin, Shari Manifest Jews: Mobility and the Making of American Judaism, 1820-1877
  1. Judaism
  2. American Religion
Safrai, Uri 'Worship of the Heart' in the Kabbalah of the Sixteenth Century
Shayna, Sheinfeld Between Destruction and Community: Crises of Leadership in Life and Literature After 70 C.E.
  1. Pseudepigrapha
  2. Bible. O.T. Apocrypha. Esdras, 2nd.
  3. Apocalypse of Baruch (Syriac)
Sheinfeld, Shayna Crises of Leadership in the Post-Destruction Apocalypses 4 Ezra and 2 Baruch
  1. Bible. Esdras, 2nd--Criticism, interpretation, etc.
  2. Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch--Criticism, interpretation, etc.
Weiss, Shayna A beach of their own: the origins of gender segregation in the Israeli public sphere
  1. Orthodox Judaism
  2. Gender
  3. Israel--History