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Sessions Seeking Participants/Papers Seeking Sessions

AJS 49th Annual Conference
December 17-19, 2017
Marriott Marquis Washington, DC

If you would like to post a session or paper idea to the list below, please send an e-mail to the AJS at with your name and contact information (e-mail and/or phone number) and a brief description of the paper, session, or topic you wish to explore.

If you would like to join one of the below session proposals, please contact the session organizer directly. Please note that expressing interest in joining a session proposal does not guarantee a place in the session proposal, nor acceptance of your proposal by the AJS; session organizers will contact you directly if they wish to include your proposal in their session. The session proposal will then be submitted to the AJS and evaluated by Division Chairs and the Program Committee, as would any other session proposal.

If you would like to develop a session around one of the paper ideas, please contact the organizer/author directly at the email address or phone number provided.